The opening of the annual policy conference of the pro-Israel group AIPAC in Washington this weekend was accompanied, as it often is, by an assortment of protesters. This year’s outpouring featured a collaboration between Occupy and anti-war demonstrators and members of the hacker group Anonymous, the Independent reports.

Protesters rally against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) at its policy conference in Washington on Sunday. (JOSHUA ROBERTS/REUTERS)

On Sunday, as President Obama spoke to AIPAC, the group’s Web site crashed, according to BuzzFeed. Anonymous hackers immediately claimed responsibility for the hack. An AIPAC spokesman has not responded to a request for comment from BlogPost about the protests or why the Web site was down.

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Predicted win and fallout of the morning

Putin wins reelection as president, but he will return to the office of president “with his strong hand weakened.” (Washington Post)

Protests are planned in Moscow’s Pushkin Square Monday, with opponents citing thousands of voter irregularities.(Telegraph)

Russian state TV and pro-Putin papers celebrated the win, saying the results “clearly answer the question” of which candidate Russians wanted. Some bloggers, journalists and observers, however, questioned whether the election was free and fair:

I do get the sense that Putin would have won without falsifications. But 60+ percent is ... something.

— Miriam Elder (@MiriamElder) March 4, 2012

Natural disasters of the morning

A 5.2-magnitude earthquake terrified New Delhi residents this morning. While the temblor was bigger than usual, there have been no reports of injuries or damage. (USGS)

Australia floods have left two dead and forced thousands of people from their homes, after several days of heavy rain. (BBC)

Apology of the morning

The Libyan government has apologized after armed men smashed the graves of Italian and British soldiers killed during WWII. (Al-Jazeera). Video of the attack shows men kicking over the headstones and then hitting a metal-and-stone cross with sledgehammers. (YouTube)