A photograph found in Pine Mountain, Ala., presumably tossed there by the tornadoes.

A tornado left a path of destruction across the state of Alabama, killing hundreds of people, and destroying millions of dollars worth of property. Now, the state is cobbling together in the aftermath to help search missions, cleanup crews and the people who lost most of their property during the storms. One Facebook page has sprung up in the hopes of returning what could be one of the greatest losses to people: personal photographs and documents.

To help people find their lost personal treasures, people have begun to post photographs of the lost documents in the hopes that they will be reunited with the original owners. There are scraps of wills, letters and plenty of personal snapshots, many of them old. Debris has been strewn so far across the state, the Star Tribune reports, people complained of “a shower of debris,” several counties away from the storm. One poster on Facebook writes he found documents from a town 141 miles away from where he lives.

“When it went over us, it literally just started raining pictures,” the creator of the page Patty Bullion told CNN about the storm that flew past her home. “We got parts of Bibles, hymnals. ... I just started saying, ‘There are parts of people's lives falling out of the sky.’”

It isn’t clear how many owners have found their photographs yet, but the administrator of the site writes, “If your picture is not being claimed don't worry. Most of what is being identified right now is by family or friends in areas not so hard hit. The people that have been hardest hit may not be able to get on here for a little while. Please keep sharing the page so that we can keep it current and in everyone's mind!”

(Via Boing Boing)