Sure, we’ve all been feeling pretty pleased with ourselves in the lower 49 with these 50-plus temperature days. It wasn’t a white Christmas or New Year’s, nor has it been a white January ... yet. But in Alaska, winter has been very white indeed.

A man stands on a house buried in snow in the fishing town of Cordova, Alaska. (Kim Weibl/AP)

The state is having its snowiest winter since 1917, when records started being kept, the Associated Press reports. An incredible 80 inches of snow have fallen since July 1. Compare that to the District’s record-breaking snow of 2009-2010, when the city received 54.9 inches of snow.

Over the past week alson, Alaskans have had to shovel eight-foot walls of snow just to be able to walk. Others have watched avalanches outside their windows. An unlucky few have had to dig themselves out of their homes.

The southeastern fishing community of Cordova has been buried since November. In the last two months, it has received 130 inches of snow. The snow became so deep the National Guard was called in to help dig out parts of the town. Watch a video, via the Associated Press, of what’s it like to drive in Cordova’s blinding snow: