Angel Babcock, a 15-month-old who survived a deadly tornado in Indiana that killed her parents and two siblings, has died in the hospital, the Associated Press reports. Her death brings the death toll in last’s week’s storms in five states to 39.

Angel Babcock. (ABC/Screengrab)

Angel’s grandmother, Kathy Babcock, who made the decision to take the toddler off life support Sunday, told ABC News, “I had my arm around her when she took her last breath. ... I sang to her itsy-bitsy spider.” In a video interview with the Louisville Courier-Journal, two young members of Angel’s family talk about having to say goodbye to Angel:

A National Weather Service meteorologist recorded video of the tornado that hit Indiana on Friday:

The Babcock’s neighbor, Jason Miller, says he had rushed next door to try to save the family, bringing them into his home just moments before the tornado hit.

Though Miller survived the storm, he is in the hospital recovering from a broken back, five cracked ribs and a shattered arm, the Daily reports.

“It’s kind of amazing that this girl’s name is Angel because it’s pretty obvious that there was angels there letting me down,” Miller told the Daily.

In North Carolina, three children who were similarly ripped from their beds by a tornado have survived. They were released from hospitals and are with relatives, CBS News reports.