(It’s their world, we just live in it. (AP Photo/Rovio))

Think about it. Angry Birds lets you destroy fortresses and kill evil pigs with the flick of your index finger. Because this game combines the violence of Mafia Wars with the absurd cuteness of FarmVille, it’s no wonder the Angry Birds are coming to roost on Facebook.

AngryBirds is coming to #Facebook !!!! Good bye world, good bye job, hello PIGS!!!less than a minute ago via webAundrea Grumbo

(Print by Austin-based artist Brandon Ortwein.)

Digital David and Goliath comparison aside, Angry Birds is addictive because it’s just barely difficult enough to keep us hooked on making it to the next level, just dynamic enough to make us forget about Tetris or solitaire ... and just cute enough to distract us from the fact that it’s just a little bit violent.

Pop culture’s absorption of the game is starting to show: The perfect Exhibit A is “Angry Birdsky,” which marries the game with the work of mysterious street artist Banksy.

If you don’t have access to the game yet, don’t worry: Angry Birds is now on Android and Apple’s iOS, Palm, Nokia and some game consoles, and it’s expected to be available on the Windows Phone 7 soon.