Internet hacker group Anonymous has issued its latest threat in a YouTube video to Lt. John Pike, the UC Davis police officer who was captured on film pepper-spraying a group of peacefully demonstrating students last Friday.

UC Davis police officer Lt. John Pike pepper-sprays students during their sit-in at an "Occupy UCD" demonstration in Davis, Calif. on Nov. 18. (BRIAN NGUYEN/REUTERS)

The threat by Anonymous comes on the heels of an angry backlash at the campus of UC Davis, which yesterday placed two officers and the university police chief on leave, and on social media sites, which has mercilessly mocked the police officer’s actions. Alexis Madrigal of the Atlantic, however, has spoken out in defense of Pike, saying that while what the officer did was clearly wrong, “I see John Pike as a casualty of the system, too . . . If we vilify Pike, we let the institutions off way too easy. ”

Anonymous doesn’t agree, posting another two-minute video that said: “We are here to inform you that it [police brutality] will no longer be tolerated.”

Watch the Anonymous video:

Watch the original video of the pepper-spraying incident: