Rep. Anthony Weiner (By Alex Wong/Getty Images)

As the controversy surrounding Rep. Anthony Weiner and the origin of a lewd picture sent from his Twitter account continues, Jon Stewart weighed in on what’s been dubbed Weinergate, as the congressman declined to answer questions about the photo.

Stewart, who returned Tuesday after a week-long vacation, seemed like a prime candidate to make juvenile jokes about how the congressman’s last name is another word for the prominent feature of the photo. But he declined to do so on Tuesday’s “The Daily Show” because the two men are friends. Stewart explained that he spent time at the Dewey, Del., beach house where the congressman lived about 25 years ago: “Think ‘Jersey Shore’ meets ‘Yentl.’ ”

The Comedy Central host did say he had his doubts that it’s really Weiner in the photo for reasons that cannot be mentioned here.

As The Post’s Felicia Sonmez reported, Weiner held a news conference Tuesday, where he called the matter a “distraction” and wouldn’t answer direct questions about the photo. “Look, I’m not going to allow this to be what I talk about all week,” Weiner said. After being pressed repeatedly by CNN reporter Dana Bash about the picture, he became agitated and called her producer, Tom Barrett, a “jackass.”

Watch Weiner’s heated exchange with the producer at 3:23: