The release of a new iPhone or other Apple product in America has always been accompanied by some level of mania. But angry customers and scalpers in Beijing took it to another level Friday, yelling at employees and hurling eggs at China’s flagship Apple store, the Associated Press reports.

A woman is dragged away by police officers after she refused to leave the Apple store in Beijing Friday, Jan. 13, 2012. (Andy Wong/AP)

It’s not the first such incident involving Apple in China. A similar scuffle broke out at an Apple store in Beijing in May last year when China received its first batch of iPad 2s. After a scalper cut in line, a fight injured four and shattered a glass door.

Watch video of Friday’s fracas:

And on Jan. 3, employees of China-based Apple product manufacturer Foxconn threatened mass suicide after the company announced layoffs, employee transfers, and a change in severance pay, Forbes reports. Somewhere between 80 and 200 workers stood on the roof of their dormitory in Wuhan and threatened to jump, according to the Guardian.

The workers were manufacturing Xboxes, not Apple products, but the incident echoed Apple’s previous struggles with the manufacturer.

In May 2010, a spate of suicides among Foxconn workers forced Apple, HP and Dell to launch an investigation. In May 2011, Foxconn was accused of making its workers sign no-suicide contracts, and Apple issued a statement promising to improve the lives of Foxconn workers.

The mass suicide was averted after Foxconn met some of the worker’s demands, but the PR damage had already been done:

Mass suicide threat at Chinese factory leaves you queasy using an iPhone Jan 13 12:03:03 via Safari on iOSStephen Newton

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