Luz Milagros Veron was pronounced dead after a premature birth, put inside a tiny wooden coffin and placed in a morgue refrigerator.

Fabian Veron and Anallia Boutet speak at Perrando Hospital, in Resistencia, Chaco province, Argentina on Wednesday. (AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Boutet had wanted to take a picture of Luz, as a memory. But when she approached the baby and touched her hand, she heard a cry, Veron told CNN. “It's my imagination, it's my imagination,” she said she told herself.

It wasn’t. Luz was alive and crying.

The baby, who was ice-cold after more than 10 hours in the morgue, was rushed back to the neonatal ward.

Luz remains in intensive care, but is in stable condition, according to health officials.

“Today is the eighth day of my daughter’s resurrection,” Luz’s father, Fabian Veron, told CNN on Wednesday.

Luz in intensive care. (CNN)

“I don't have an explanation for what happened, but if there is culpability we'll see what we'll do,” Rafael Sabatinelli, deputy secretary of health in the Chaco region, told CNN.

Health officials said it was the first time they had witnessed an event like this.

The hospital’s director Jose Luis Meirino said hypothermia may have compelled the baby to go into a kind of hibernation, causing her vital signs to disappear.

But Boutet told the AP doctors have told her “nobody knows how she could have survived 12 hours in a refrigerated room.”

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