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(Joshua Lott/Reuters)

In the photograph above, smoke surrounds trees in Eagar, Ariz. A wildfire has burned through Arizona for 10 days, forcing the evacuation of as many as 3,000 people from the affected area. Fire officials said the so-called Wallow Fire had charred more than 311,000 acres and ranks as the second-largest wildfire in Arizona's history. See more images here.

WORLD: Drug cartel’s fleet of tanks

In Mexico, where more than 35,000 Mexicans have died in four years of drug violence, The Post’s William Booth writes about the “narco tank,” latest piece of military hardware, “for the drug cartel boss who has everything.”

NATIONAL: Psychic in Texas flubs “mass grave” find

A woman claiming to be a psychic led Texas authorities on what looks to be a wild goose chase. Police showed up at the home of long-haul truck driver Joe Bankston, who has lived with his family there for three years, after a woman claimed multiple bodies were buried on the property. Police did not turn up any evidence of foul play after the search. “I haven’t killed anybody,” Bankston told the Houston Chronicle. “And I have a lot of friends, but I haven’t helped anybody bury any bodies.”

ODD: Facebook friends tattoo

A tattoo aficionado gets 152 pictures of Facebook friends affixed permanently to her arm. Let’s really hope she doesn’t want to defriend anyone:

Update: I was had. People are not as crazy as they appear. Turns out the tatto was publicity stunt for a removable tattoo.