Most foreign journalists have been barred from Syria, but graphic footage of the shelling and carnage is leaking out, shedding light on the horror of the Syrian regime’s crackdown in places such as Homs.

An image taken from a YouTube video allegedly shows a funeral procession in the Idlib region of Syria on Feb. 7. (YouTube/AFP)

The government shelled Homs on Tuesday for the fifth day, reportedly killing about 60 people, just a day after the United States decided to shut down its embassy in Damascus.

A number of videos appeared on YouTube on Tuesday, filmed by protesters in an attempt to show the world the extent of the shelling and its victims. Warning: the videos are graphic.

One video shows explosions and houses on fire after shelling began early in the morning:

In another video, it appears that an activist is shot while filming a live feed in Homs:

Thunderous bombing can be heard in footage captured in the Baba Amr neighborhood, which is dominated by opposition activists.

BBC’s Paul Wood, one of a few journalists smuggled into Homs this week, reports that there has been constant shelling in the city. Wood was able to get some harrowing footage of the destruction caused in Homs by military bombardment.

Other, graphic videos show victims wounded in the attacks on Homs:

Below, see our continuing photo gallery of images from from the violent crackdown in the country.

View Photo Gallery: Protesters opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad face violent responses from security forces, and the United States has closed its embassy in the country as the violence grows.

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