For the weekend wonderland:

Asian vengeance

So the back story: A UCLA student recorded a video in which she unleashed a racist rant against Asian students talking on their cellphones at the library. In retribution, aspiring actor Jimmy Wong recorded a hilarious song putting class back into the messy affair. Here’s how to do revenge right:

The Middle East uprising, narrated

John Moore, a photographer for Getty Images, narrates his six-week tour photographing Egypt, Bahrain and Libya:

Kutiman returns

Kutiman is an Internet madman genius. A madman because no one else could possibly sift through as many YouTube videos as he must to find the perfect combination of musical stylings. And a genius because no one else could layer all the videos he finds into such stunning works of musical art. His Thru-You project took the Internet by storm in 2009. His latest offering is jazzy, deliciously weird and just downright beautiful:

Aurora forever

Terje Sorgjerd spent a week capturing the aurora borealis and created this captivating time lapse: