That’s gotta hurt. (Screengrab from YouTube)

You try wearing eight-inch stilettos, a body bag-size fur stole, and an outfit too geometric for the human body and not falling down.

At Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief fundraiser in Cannes this week, three models took a spill onstage, one even slipping two more times before she could escape off-camera.

Any woman who has fallen in a pair of heels can sympathize with the looks on the models’ faces as they tumble. Watch the video:

Naomi’s models aren’t the first to trip onstage. Spills have gotten worse as the average heel height has grown — today the average is six inches, more than double what it was the 1970s. Of course it doesn’t help if the stage is made out of paper, in which case models can actually fall through the stage:

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar. Didn’t anyone tell you not to put poofs on the bottom of your pants? The Oscar de la Renta trousers were far too much for poor Estonian model Tiiu Kuik:

I’d like to make these news anchors put on the model’s shoes. The anchors are feeling some serious schadenfreude as they laugh at the girl’s knock-kneed fall, which seems to go on for an eternity:

And we hate to say that there are lots more.