“Ben” batting in Baghdad. (Image from Facebook)

The newest fad of taking photos of your body in an unusual pose in an unusual place is called batting. To do the bat, you hang your body upside down like the nocturnal creature and fold your arms in a V-shape onto the waist.

While planking was the pioneer trend, with thousands of people taking photos of themselves lying face down in compromising situations since the game started in the early 90s, it’s been overtaken by animal poses such as owling, in which one crouches like an owl, and now the upstart batting.

The first known instance of batting in photos can be seen on DoTheBat.com, a Web site that chronicles batters in places from Arlington to Baghdad. You can share photos of yourself batting on the site’s Facebook page. Intrepid batters have already uploaded photos of themselves on trees, pipes and even cubicle dividers.

And now... I hate to even throw out the challenge, but I must.

After we saw sextagenarian fitness guru Richard Simmons go planking, we asked him to try out owling. Which he soon did in Paris, clad in a little girl’s turquoise dress and wings. Needless to say, it was quite the sight.

Richard, if you’re out there, can you show us how you do the bat?

Update: Planking is the new protest