Ben Bradlee in the composing room looking at the A1 plate of the first edition, headlined "Nixon Resigns" in 1974. (DAVID R. LEGGE/THE WASHINGTON POST)

It is bit of a busy day in The Post newsroom as we brace for a possible second natural disaster this week. But there is also a celebratory mood running through the room. One of our greats, Ben Bradlee, is turning 90. There are a few names you learn early in journalism school that ring heavy with ethics, quality and prestige. Benjamin C. Bradlee, our former executive editor, is way up on that list.

His journalism legacy ranges from Watergate, when some of us were not even born, to The Washington Post iPad app (check out his take in the video below).

As a vice president at large, Bradlee is a constant presence in The Post building, eating lunch in the employee cafeteria and talking to friends and former newsroom colleagues. Visitors to his office often find him pouring over the paper he steered through decades of transitions.

The Post’s Don Graham wrote in an email: “Ben Bradlee is a giant. In a town and a profession full of people with big reputations who don't look so good up close, Ben is most loved by those who know him best. It is one of the great honors of all of our careers to have worked with him.”

Happy birthday, Mr. Bradlee!