I used to like Ben Stein. (Gregory Bertolini/AP)

Stein wrote a few “humble thoughts” asking questions about the handling of Strauss-Kahn’s case. Here’s my condensed version of his words:

1) Economists don’t rape people!

2) Maids, however, are notoriously sketchy. They steal things. They are (and I quote Stein here) “complete lunatics.”

3) Strauss-Kahn may be accused of a violent crime, but he deserves better treatment than prison.

4) People are really mad at him for spending $3,000 on a hotel suite. If he had allegedly attempted rape in a cheaper hotel room — say, a Best Western — there wouldn’t be this much fuss.

5) Also, he’s short and old and fat. Short and old and fat people can’t really be rapists.

With defenders like these, Strauss-Kahn really doesn’t need any enemies.