@BridgesNoDoubt shows his frustration with the BlackBerry outage. (Glensius Calizte)

Unhappy BlackBerry customers are spouting off their plans for buying iPhones, switching to Nokia and demanding rebates for the three-day outage on their phones.

Texting services in India, Europe and the Middle East have been sluggish since Monday, and now the problem has spread to Canada and the U.S.

It’s bad timing for Blackberry, with the new iPhone 4s release, tantalizing frustrated customers with its glowing reviews. Writes one user: “Dear BlackBerry, I was actually going to upgrade you, but after the past 3 days I’m seriously considering buying an iPhone. Sincerely, me.”

Research in Motion, BlackBerry’s manufacturer, cites a “core switch failure,” that failed to turn on properly, creating a backlog of traffic.

Messages are still being sent, just at a very delayed rate. The text messages are popping up days later and at inappropriate hours. “Dear Blackberry, I’m about to throw you off the roof of my building if you don’t stop sending text messages to my mom and ex-boss at 3 a.m.,” writes Stephanie Clark on Twitter.