The family of missing former FBI agent Bob Levinson has for the first time released a hostage video they received from his unidentified captors, along with a recorded plea by the family for his kidnappers to release him. The video comes four years after Levinson’s disappearance in Iran, and shows Levinson looking haggard and pleading for U.S. help.

Robert Levinson in a new proof-of-life video. (AP/AP)

Levinson has “extensive international experience and has focused on criminal activities... in Latin America, the Caribbean, Russia and Europe.” ... He represented the United States while serving on task forces dealing with organized crime and money laundering in Europe and the Eastern bloc... [He] retired from the FBI more than a decade ago... and was not working for the U.S. government. He worked in private investigations for corporate clients.

At the time, Levinson’s wife Christine recorded a video to ask for help in finding her husband. “We are seeking the truth, somebody knows where he is,” she said. Watch the video, from May 2007:

Watch the newly released hostage video, believed to be proof Levinson is still alive:

Read the full story of the video here.

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