A lewd message was sent Thursday from the HollywoodLife editor’s Twitter account. The message made a sexual reference to teen heart throb Justin Bieber and also suggested that a hacker gained access to Fuller’s Twitter account after she failed to log out of a display phone at an AT&T store.

Fuller, who made a name for herself as the editor of US Weekly, quickly regained access to her account and deleted the salacious tweet. She apologed to her followers and denied that she was to blame for the hack — “I didn’t leave my phone logged in at an ATT&T store... I was just plain HACKED!”

Fuller regularly uses twitter to deliver the latest gossip, weigh in on fashion, or chronicle a weekend with her kids. Thursday’s questionable tweet stood out for its vulgarity (an edited version of the tweet is posted below).

I will [expletive] justin biebers [expletive] <3 kayy I’m done having fun now. Ill log out for whoever left thereself logged in at att store. Igotchuless than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerryŽ Favorite Retweet ReplyBonnie Fuller

The incident is the perfect warning for all social networking users tempted to access their accounts over unsecured connections — beware. Even if Fuller didn’t access her account from a display phone in a retail store, it’s possible she was hacked while using an unsecured wifi network.

PC Mag has a great list of tips for safely browsing over a public Wi-Fi connection.