A pedestrian passes a poster of Rupert Murdoch, chief executive officer of News Corp., with a sticker that reads “What a Jeremy Hunt,” placed over its mouth, in London on July 12. News Corp. bought itself time in the phone scandal by pushing U.K. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt to refer its bid for British Sky Broadcasting Group to regulators. (Simon Dawson/Bloomberg)

Boycottmurdoch.com was registered Sunday, with a plan to convince readers “that Murdoch's tabloid news media ... propagate a false image of the world, exaggerate news stories, and spin an agenda which fits Murdoch's business interests and highly conservative political outlook.”

Boycott Murdoch Facebook and Twitter pages sprung up, garnering hundreds of followers within days.

But it’s not as easy to boycott the behemoth as you think. Here’s a list of things you’ll need to give up if you’d like to boycott News Corp. and Murdoch altogether:

1. HarperCollins

That means no more Neil Gaiman, no more C.S. Lewis, no more Paulo Coehlo.

2. Concerts at Madison Square Garden

There goes my plan to see Katy Perry in November.

3. National Geographic Channel

I’ve got to say, this one would hurt the most, but fans will be thankful the magazine is separate. You’ll have to click past the TV Guide Channel, Fox News and Fox Kids, and the Health Channel too.

4. 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight movies

No more Shirley Temple, Star Wars, Chronicles of Narnia, Simpsons movie, or X-men. And don’t even think about going to see Tree of Life.

5. The Colorado Rockies

They only recently started getting any good....

6. Newspapers and magazines you may have wanted to read

We’re all aware of the Sun, News of the World, Fox, the Daily, the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal. But don’t forget about smaller papers like the Fiji Times, the Brooklyn Paper, and the Sunday Tasmanian. Australians will have to give up Vogue and GQ.

For a pictorial representation of what you need to give up, see here.

And for a full list of News Corp holdings, see here.