Some Leap Year babies woke up Wednesday to find their uncommon birthday plagued by school closings, National Weather Service snow alerts and even a tornado.

Broken branches and household debris are scattered across a lawn early Wednesday morning in Harveyville, Kan. (Mathew Fowler/AP)

Branson’s Mayor, Reanne Presley, tweeted updates Wednesday on the city’s relief efforts after the storm:

Taney cty officials & Sheriff Russell are amazing w all types of assistance. Say a prayer of thanks for their long hours & caring #Branson

— Mayor Presley (@bransonmayor) February 29, 2012

Please help with rumor control. No known fatalities in #Branson

— Mayor Presley (@bransonmayor) February 29, 2012

Last May, a massive tornado hit the town of Joplin, about 100 miles from Branson, leaving more than 89 people dead. Branson was last hit by a tornado in December 2010.

MichiganConnecticut and Massachusetts on Wednesday were spared from tornados but visited by snowy weather — a shock after this winter’s consistently warm temperatures. The National Weather Service issued overnight advisories of snow and rain in all three states, warning of an ice coating followed by freezing rain in Michigan, a “bit of snow” followed by “lots of rain” in Connecticut, and up to 10 inches of snow in Eastern Massachusetts.

The National Weather Service’s U.S. map Wednesday was covered by colorful wintry and storm warnings:

(National Weather Service)