“Bridesmaids”: Hot pink, naturally. (Photo Credit: Universal Pictures)

A quick tale: In this production, I’m cast as the Single Friend Who Lives Far Away. So I’m doing all the prep at the last possible minute, crossing my fingers and hoping that I’ll come across as the Best Friend Who Rocks as Being a Bridesmaid.

Still, I know deep down that all the bridesmaid tip sheets in the world — and believe me, I’ve Googled more than a few — can’t make me better at this.

Maybe it would’ve been nice to take my cues from producer Judd Apatow and actress Kristen Wiig’s Hollywood. (Apatow is best known for his popular male-centric comedies -- "The 40-year-old Virgin," "Knocked Up" -- in which adolescent grown men bumble their relationships with women). I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I imagine I’ll relate to the competition, camaraderie and comedy that comes with being a bridesmaid. Washington Post movie critic Ann Hornaday liked it, noting that “Bridesmaids” is, in fact, smarter than its high-grossing male counterpart, director Todd Phillips’s “The Hangover.”

However, that comparison has a negative side: “Bridesmaids” is promoted as the movie every woman should see, and that invites patronizing. “It’s a chick flick, but they’re acting like men, so guys will like it, too,” the general tone seems to be. It’s almost as if, just this once, women have been given a free pass to be funny.

As Celebritology’s Jen Chaney smartly writes:

... while “Bridesmaids” is hilarious and absolutely refreshing, it may seem more groundbreaking than it is simply because of Hollywood’s limited view of the sexes.

Will you see “Bridesmaids?” You can watch the trailer here.

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