London police officers stand on Brixton High Street after looting broke out Sunday. (Dan Kitwood/GETTY IMAGES)

As the violence spread to Greater London boroughs, much of it was was concentrated in Brixton, a neighborhood in the south rocked by riots in 1981 because of social and economic problems. This time, youths smashed the window of stores like Currys, Foot Locker and Halfordsm, carting away as much as they could carry.

Many of the rioters used BBM, a private messaging service on the Blackberry phone, to organize, share location information and photos, or inform journalists like the Guardian’s Paul Lewis what was happening.

Did I really jus see a picture on bbm of ppl runnin up in brixton mcds?less than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet ReplyPink Lucie

One man questioned whether this would cause the government to crack down on BBM:

So then dos the UK follow after India’s demands to force #RIM to allow access to the contents of #BBM #tottenham #brixton #londonriotsless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet ReplyJide Adéga

Some people imagined what Prime Minister David Cameron’s BBM messages might look like:

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A Brixton local who did not want to be identified told the Telegraph that the “thugs” running in and out of Currys store looked “like ants” as they carried televisions and electrical goods out of store with them.

“I'm gobsmacked, It was just like a movie,” the eyewitness said.

Watch video of the rioting at Currys below:

Some footage showed that police numbers may have been too small to handle the riots:

This maps out where the protests took place in London Sunday:

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