It’s a whopper of an idea.

Imagine this, at your doorstep.

Now, customers don’t even need to leave their couch to place an order of four large sandwich combos (for $23.99), or 40-piece chicken tenders with two bottled drinks ($10.99). The Post’s Michael Rosenwald taste-tested the Burger King delivery, and declared it “as easy and quick as ordering diapers from” The fries weren’t soggy, either. If it works, delivery may soon be available at many more of the 7,500 Burger Kings across the U.S.

But why stop there? If we can get burgers delivered to our doorstep, why not other fast food and drink? It’s safe to say there would be a demand for delivery of Wendy’s Frosties, Krispy Kreme donuts, and Einstein bagels.

Since Starbucks caused pandemonium last April Fool’s day when they jokingly announced “Starbucks Mobile Pour,” it’s clear the delivery of a cup of joe would be a big hit.

And less than six months after Chipotle shut down an independent delivery service of their burritos, the service was back up due to popular demand.

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