Libyan horsemen shout pro-Gaddafi slogans during a welcome ceremony for the African Union delegation at Tripoli's airport. Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi said he had accepted a cease-fire deal proposed by the African Union. (JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Image)

The trials of Kaplan Higher Education

Eleven years ago, the Washington Post Co. paid $165 million for a chain of for-profit schools that catered to low-income students. That purchase grew into the largest generator of income for the company. It has also put the company under scrutiny as the government works to change the conditions for the federal student loans that have become the lifeblood of for-profit schools.

War-torn families in Afghanistan

Enemies and brothers. One brother joined the Taliban. One brother joined the U.S.-backed Afghan national police. Meet Gul and Razziq.

Burqa ban

As of Monday morning, it is illegal to conceal your face in France with a veil. The widely supported but hotly protested ban was passed into law last year. Any woman, tourist or resident, wearing a veil in public will be fined about $215. Women are staging protests outside Notre Dame cathedral.


“Fear of missing out,”or FOMO, is a problem caused by the hyper awareness of what everyone around you is doing, thanks to social networks. Even if you’re enjoying yourself, there’s a niggling feeling that someone else out there is having more fun. And you have their status updates to prove it.