Helen Humphrey smiles as she holds Cabbage Patch Kids in New York in 1984. (AP)

Now, the Cabbage Patch kids are headed to TV in a new animated special, the Hollywood Reporter reports.

It seems a gamble to think that the 1980s phenomenon will appeal to today’s generation of kids, used to fast-paced computer games, expensive special effects, and shiny Apple products. Even if they’re on the small screen.

But Original Appalachian Artworks, which owns the Cabbage Patch kids brand, said Monday it has sold TV rights to Walker and Carlin West Agency, a company created by former 4Kids Entertainment executive Carlin West. And the special might be produced by Galen Walker, who is also producing a live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles feature film for Paramount.

“It’s a brand filled with many positive messages for kids,” Walker said.