(Ceasar. (YouTube screengrab from ConnectMidMichigan))

(Watch an interview with Ceasar’s owner here.)

Ceasar, a Maltese dog, will be reunited with his family one year after he went missing following a terrible car crash.

Gary and Monica Benson, their five children and Ceasar were traveling down an interstate in New Mexico when their minivan overturned, the Quay County Sun reports. Gary and the couple’s daughter Emily both died in the crash. Ceasar disappeared.

Monica Benson told the Quay County Sun that she returned to the scene to find the dog, but had no luck. She put up pictures of the pooch to cheer up her injured son, Benjamin.

“It has been so hard,” she said. “There are pictures all over the house and Benjamin would point at them and ask, ‘Where’s Ceasar?’ ”

He was, as it turns out, with another family, who dropped him off at a Tucumcari animal shelter last Thursday. The next day, he was discovered by an animal adoption group volunteer, Christina Fleming.

Fleming called a number listed in the dog’s microchip, but it was disconnected. She went the extra mile online where she found an article about the accident. After finding an obituary, she contacted the Michigan funeral home listed. They put her in touch with the Bensons.

“I called Monica, and when I told her the dog was still alive, she started crying,” Lee Harris, Monica’s father, told the Detroit News. “She told the kids the next day, and they were so happy.”

Now Ceasar is en route from Tucumcari to Michigan by plane and car. “I told the kids that Ceasar would be home in a week,” Benson said. “I did not want them to think he was going to be here tomorrow.”

Harris was amazed at the little guy. “It's just a little Maltese; it's so small,” he said. “To survive where it's been the past year is really an amazing thing.”

Ceasar (whose name is spelled slightly differently than his famous namesake’s), joins other pooches who make BlogPost cheer and weep: Paco, the robbery-thwarting Chihuahua; Shadow, the puppy who survived a tornado; and Mason, who crawled back to his owners on two broken legs.

Watch an interview with Monica Benson from NBC 25 below.

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