Casey Anthony has spoken out for the first time since she was acquitted in July of murdering her daughter, Caylee.

Casey Anthony. (YouTube)

Anthony seems very different from her last appearance crying in a Florida courtroom, looking nervous but animated as she speaks to the camera. “I’m extremely excited,” she says.

Anthony became one of the most controversial figures of 2011 during a sensational murder trial in Florida, but little has been heard of her since she went into hiding after her acquittal. She suggests that’s about to change.

“I’m excited that I’ll be able to Skype and obviously keep a video log, take some pictures and that I have something that I can finally call mine. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to call something mine.”

Anthony said she'll remain in her hiding spot “at least until the end of February.” The video gave few clues to where she may be hiding.

She also hinted that there may be more video diaries to come.

“This is the first of many, and I'm looking forward to this,” she said. “It's a little scary, because I hate being on camera. But I need to conquer that fear at some point and this is a good start.”

Anthony doesn’t mention her daughter Caylee, who was first reported missing in July 2008 and discovered dead five months later. She also doesn’t mention the 1,000 days she spent in jail, or the dramatic six-week murder trial that ended with her acquittal. She expressed hope, though, about life after she finishes serving out a year’s probation in Florida.

“The good thing is things are starting to look up and things are starting to change in a good way. I just hope they stay — that things stay good, that they only get better. They’ll only get better.”

Watch the video below: