Cindy and George Anthony, parents of 25-year-old Casey Anthony, are interviewed by Phil McGraw. (AP/CBS Television Distribution)

Anthony has not, and may never, speak publicly about the trial. Since the verdict was read, Anthony’s parents have also remained mostly silent. In July, her father, George Anthony, spoke to BlogPost. Now, he and his wife, Cindy, have given their first televised interview — to Dr. Phil McGraw. Some of their theories and disclosures may surprise many of the trial watchers.

The Anthonys were not paid for the interview, but Dr. Phil’s production company did make an undisclosed donation to a charity established in the name of their slain granddaughter, Caylee.

The interview will air in two parts, beginning Tuesday. Here are a few of the clips already released.

Cindy Anthony thinks Casey has a brain tumor

On Joy Behar’s HLN show, Dr. Phil said that Cindy believes Casey has a brain tumor — a tumor that she thinks could have caused her daughter to behave erratically. She claims Casey had a grand mal seizure in 2007, but said nothing unusual was found in a medical workup. But she thinks her daughter could have developed one later, Dr. Phil said.

George Anthony not convinced of Casey’s innocence

Dr. Phil told the ladies of “The View” that the Anthonys are divided over whether their daughter was capable of murder. “He [George ] is very critical.  She [Cindy ] seems to make an excuse at every turn,” he said.

George would not welcome Casey home; Cindy wants a ‘healthy’ Casey to have another child

While it’s not clear why Casey would want to return to Orlando, the site of her trial, she wouldn’t be welcome at her parents’ home. “Not while I was there, no,” George told Dr. Phil.

On the flip side, Cindy would “love” to see her daughter become a mother again “if she’s healthy.”