Cathay Pacific airways Boeing 747 takes off from Hong Kong International Airport. (Peter Parks/AFP/Getty Images)

The Hong Kong-based airline carrier caters to well-heeled Asian travelers and the release of the photographs has caused a media storm in China.

The two images were reportedly stolen from the computer of the pilot. Cathay Pacific said both employees were subsequently fired. John Slosar, Cathay’s CEO released a statement saying, “I find any behavior that recklessly soils the reputation of our company or our team members as totally unacceptable.”

The advertising campaign will roll out in October, postponing its launch by a month. It’s part of a campaign that’s been in effect since last year, focusing on Cathay’s staff and its commitment to service. Employees were photographed for the campaign and the slogan reads “Meet the team that goes the extra mile to make you feel special.”

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