New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco: Waiting for his 3,000,000th follower. (Margaret Bowles/Associated Press)

It seems rather than gaining followers, the plan backfired with his fans likely deciding to drop the football player until his count got closer to 3,000,000.

When he does reach the golden number, the pay out probably won’t hurt the player’s pocketbook too much. He just signed a $11.5 million contract with the Patriots.

Of course, one Reddit user warns that the payout may be big talk by the player; people have been burned by an Ochocinco raffle before. He settled a case in 2008 after clubgoers sued him in a class-action suit. He held a raffle in which a Lexus SUV was up for grabs, but his girlfriend at the time wound up with the car instead of any ticket holders.

If you still want to follow him, heed this warning. He tweets in the way that people who don’t use Twitter think all Twitter users tweet: in tech shorthand and mostly about his lunch menus.

Some examples: “Headed 2 work listening 2 Marc Antoine ’s album (My Classic Way) I've the song WolfGang 40 repeat. Ur 1st song?”

Or: “My lunch today: Starbucks,a warmed lemon loaf, a #11 from McDonalds no tartar sauce with a bottle of water n 2 cupcakes as desert.”

If that doesn’t dissuade you, head over to Ochocino’s account and try to time it right to be that lucky No. 3 million.