A Chardon High School student wounded in Monday's early morning shooting has been declared brain-dead. Russell King Jr., 17, was a junior who studied technologies for alternative energies. Chardon student Daniel Parmertor died hours after the shooting. Three other students, Nickolas Wajczak, 17, Demetrius Hewlin and Joy Rickers, 18, remain hospitalized. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

A parent embraces his child after a shooting at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio, on Feb, 27, 2012. (Warren Dillaway/AP)

A Facebook event Monday night called on people across the country to wear red Tuesday to show their support for the students at Chardon High. More than 25,000 people signed up to say they would. (Facebook.)

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Syria news of the morning: 

A British photographer was smuggled out of Syria. Paul Conroy of London's Sunday Times was among several Western journalists trapped in Homs after being wounded in a mortar strike Wednesday. Opposition activists said another trapped journalist, Edith Bouvier, had escaped to Lebanon, but that report remains unconfirmed. (Reuters)

64 men were found dead in Syria in one of the worst mass killings of the conflict. The bodies were found dumped on wasteland on the outskirts of Homs. (The Washington Post)

‘Occupy’ update of the morning:

Occupy London protesters were evicted during the night. The tents, which have been in the shadow of St. Paul’s Cathedral since last October, were dismantled by around 100 officers. (the Telegraph)

Did the cathedral collude with the eviction effort? Protesters think so. (Boing Boing)

Web censorship of the morning

“Rude tweets” to be targeted in Indonesia. After blocking access to almost 1 million pornographic Web sites, Indonesia now wants to block rude or insulting tweets. (Jakarta Globe)