It took him approximately 25 hours, 17 minutes and less than two dozen tweets to get there.

It also took the assistance of one advertising agency: The company sells celebrity endorsements on Twitter -- most notoriously Kim Kardashian’s $10,000-per-tweet deal -- and helped get Charlie Sheen verified on Twitter, GQ discovered Wednesday.

With the likely loss of his $2-million-an-episode paycheck from “Two and Half Men,” Sheen could probably use some new revenue streams. Is Twitter one way to find the money?

Though won’t say whether Sheen’s tweets are selling yet, his first foray into Twitter certainly came off looking like an ad. He and his girlfriend Bree Olson display a bottle of Naked Juice and Broguiere’s chocolate milk with wide grins.

It seems, however, the tweet was not an ad. A phone operator at Naked Juice, Frank Boffa, said he had not heard about Charlie Sheen’s beverage choice and that the company definitely did not have an endorsement deal with the star.

But don’t discount future ads. The blog Brand Channel reports that there are companies looking for endorsement deals from the star. One beverage company has dangled a $3 million deal.

Some speculate that it’s not even Sheen doing the tweeting. AOL Surge desk points to a Patton Oswalt tweet that “outs” Sheen’s ghost writer: “Hate to pee on everyone’s @CharlieSheen foam party, but he’s using a service. Not him. Reliable source. ‘Night!”

Products are not the only ones standing to benefit from Sheen’s entry onto Twitter. Forbes did some back-of-the-napkin math to estimate the Web site, which has been hosting Sheen’s photographs, is making an extra $10,000 in ad revenue thanks to Sheen.

So, all those 1.2 million new followers of Sheen: You came for the crazy, but you might be getting advertising instead.