Two weeks after a Chinese toddler, Yueyue, was run over twice, ignored by 18 passersby and left in the street to die, a woman in Chengdu is believed to have jumped off a bridge into speeding traffic, where drivers chose to drive on by.

The woman lies in the road as cars pass by. (Image via Youku )

When Yueyue was hit in October, Chinese citizens said no one had helped her because of the lack of protection for good samaritans in the country, who in the past have gotten hauled to court or asked to pay the medical bills of the person they helped. But reactions to the video of this woman’s jump, whether the footage is authentic or not, suggest a callousness that goes beyond the lack of legislation.

Chengdoo, an English language resource site for the city of Chengdu, reports that after the video was posted yesterday afternoon on Chengdu QQ forums, it received over 24 pages of comments in less than 24 hours. Many of those comments blamed the woman for jumping:

“If you want to jump, find a higher place to jump from. Doing it this way you don't die, you just slow down the traffic.”

“Probably they were all rushing to work, and besides, what good is getting out of the car going to do? Unless you're a doctor or know how to do first aid.”

“If you want to die, you can’t get other people involved in it.”

Others questioned why no one had gone to help, but those comments were mostly drowned out by those who sought to blame the woman.

The woman’s condition was not immediately reported.

WARNING: The images below are graphic.