If a chocolate company can put their press release on a chocolate bar, we can put news on a chocolate bar. (Jesse Lewis)

Just yesterday, some colleagues and I were debating a Wall Street Journal story on office perks popping up in the tech world.

“The Perk Bubble Is Growing as Tech Booms Again,” the headline reads. The article details the various offerings California start-ups are offering to lure talented workers to their companies. Some options: a nap-room treehouse, M.C. Hammer stopping by the office, kegs with built-in iPads, annual game days, and Yoga Tuesdays.

At the Post, one writer wanted a nap room. Another preferred a karaoke machine installed in the cafeteria. There may have been one suggestion for a corporate drone.

The boss put the kibosh on the fun, writing, “am thinking fulltime jobs is a perk in our industry.”

While that may be true, I’m still wondering if there’s some way I can put in one last pitch: The chocolate printer. It automatically “prints” 3-D designs in chocolate.

Not only would it make the employees here much happier, imagine the sale of newspapers skyrocketing after we start printing a chocolate version of the news instead of just an old dead-tree version.

I seriously think I’m on to something here, people.