“Humor is tragedy plus time,” Mark Twain once said. For one New Zealander, the time part of the equation took roughly a week to translate the tragedy of the Christchurch earthquake into brilliant Internet mirth.

Meet Rocky, the 25 to 30 ton boulder that wound up in the middle of Phil Johnson’s home after the earthquake dislodged it from a nearby cliff. Johnson is willing to part with it for a fair price. On the auction site “Trade Me,” Johnson writes, “Rocky will enhance your “indoor outdoor” flow considerably, especially if you load him in through the garage roof like we did.”

So far, bidding has reached 8,000 New Zealand dollars (almost $6,000 U.S.) and Johnson’s been busy answering questions about Rocky on the site, fielding puns about rolls in the hay and monthly moss trims and cluing us into Rocky’s past (his favorite song is “Eye of a Tiger,” and he’s managed to kick a crack addiction).

Johnson plans to donate all the funds to the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund.

Rocky puts pet rocks everywhere to shame.

(Via Neatorama)</p>