Delaware Republican U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell waves before giving her concession speech to supporters in Dover, Del., Nov. 2, 2010. (Rob Carr/AP)

Former U.S. Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell accused CNN host Piers Morgan of sexism Friday and says she walked off his show because of what she described as his “very inappropriate, creepy line of questioning.”

The Delaware Republican says she had been invited to the show to promote her new book, “Troublemaker: Let’s Do What it Takes to Make America Great Again.” Morgan had other ideas about where the interview should go, asking O’Donnell about whether or not she supported gay marriage, whether she still believes masturbation is wrong, and if she supports total abstinence.

O’Donnell said Friday on NBC’s “Today” show that she left the interview because she wanted to stop the “borderline sexual harassment that was going on.”

Someone on Morgan’s show also said off-camera to O’Donnell that it was “time to go,” and she left.

Watch O’Donnell on “Today”:

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