Actor and director Clint Eastwood (Cliff Owen/AP)

It also seems to have caught the attention of YouTube’s copyright infringement crawlers.

Though the ad can be found elsewhere on YouTube, for people who wanted to see the advertisement on the specially designed Chrysler ad page on YouTube Monday morning, they got a notice instead: “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by NFL Properties LLC.”

Unfortunately for Chrysler’s social media plan, there was no video to share on that page. By midday, though, the ad was available once more.

It’s unclear why the video was pulled from this one URL. Usually YouTube only pulls a video when a copyright holder asks for the video to be removed. When reached for a comment, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said their office did not ask to take it down. “We asked Google to reinstate it immediately which it did. We did not object to the ad or its placement online.”

Chrysler and YouTube have been contacted for comment, but have not responded.

Chrysler was running damage control on its Twitter account, however. It contacted specific Twitter users who complained about the ad being pulled and directed them to live YouTube links.

“Biggest disappointment of the day has to be @chrysler pulling their Halftime in America ad from @youtube after @nflcommish complaints,” a Washington, D.C. resident wrote on Twitter.

“You can find it on our corporate/company-wide [YouTube] channel,” the Chrysler reply came.