Ever since the Bronx Zoo Cobra has gone back to sleeping in its cage, New York has needed an animal to love. Thank the rain gods: A calico cat washed up on Governors Island after last week’s storm. Workers on the island believe the cat swam over from New Jersey, which is more than a mile away. Daily Intel has named him Feline Gonzalez, for but they’re willing to take other suggestions. (AP)

In a long-running standoff between Cambodian and Thai troops, another clash broke out with soldiers exchanging gunfire along the countries’ shared border. The conflict stems from a dispute over the ownership of ancient temples. Thai nationalists have been urging the government to reclaim the land.

Driving Mexico’s highway of death

The Post’s William Booth took a little road trip:

This is the time of year when Mexican families traditionally drive long distances to celebrate Easter together. But Highway 101 through the border state of Tamaulipas is empty now — a spooky, forlorn, potentially perilous journey, where travelers join in self-defensive convoys and race down the four-lane road at 90 miles per hour, stopping for nothing, and nobody ever drives at night.

As rumors spread that psychotic kidnappers were dragging passengers off buses and as authorities found mass graves piled with 145 bodies, people began calling this corridor “the highway of death” or “the devil’s road.”

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Marriage by the ’30s

It’s a good thing I’m not married. According to George Crane’s “Marital Rating Scale,” created in 1930, I’d make a lousy wife. My demerits? I wear red nail polish. My seams in my hose are often crooked. And I fail to sew on buttons or darn socks regularly. See how you stack up here.