Libyan rebels react on the frontline of the outskirts of the city of Ajdabiya, south of Benghazi (Anja Niedringhaus/AP)

On Monday, a shocking story ran on Fox News under a red banner “Exclusive” tag. A British airstrike on a Libyan army hold had to be called off after the Libyan government used journalists as “human shields” to protect the the area.

In response, a CNN reporter called the story “irrepsonsible” and “nuts.”

The story reported that journalists from CNN and Reuters had been invited at the behest of the Libyan government to ostensibly see damage from previous airstrikes. The government’s real motive, however, was likely to avert more airstrikes as U.N. forces would be unable to attack with foreign journalists in the area.

“Officials from Libya's Ministry of Information brought those journalists to the area to show them damage from the initial attack and to effectively use them as human shields,” Jennifer Griffin and Justin Fishel wrote.

CNN Nic Robertson shot back at the account on Wolf Blitzer Monday night saying that he expected lies from the Libyan government — not from other journlaists. He said a Fox News employee had also accompanied the group and that it was a normal reporting trip.

On “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,”Fox News reporter Griffin admitted to an error in her story. She had incorrectly written that no Fox News journalists had gone on the reporting trip, but a security guard employed by Fox News had gone with a camera. However, she stood by the bulk of her story saying the coalition forces had been frustrated in their efforts to conduct airstrikes because of the trip. “The Libyan government is using the journalists as human shields,” she said.

Update:Steve Harrigan, the Fox News correspondent in Libya who Nic Robertson attacked in the above video, was interviewed by the Huffington Post. He went on the offensive, dissmissing Robertson’s attack and calling the CNN anchor “dull.”

I really wonder how icy those hotel breakfasts must be nowadays.