Dan Deacon of Baltimore performs at Coachella music festival in 2008. (By Mick O.)

This weekend more than 100,000 surfers and wannabes will take in music from genres most of us have never heard of — freak folk, noise pop, electro tropical — though music festivals staples like Kanye West and Arcade Fire will make appearances, too.

Coachella is perhaps the hippest of America’s sprawling music festivals, with Lollapalooza in Chicago the equivalent of its dorky younger sister who tries too hard, and Bonnaroo in Tenessee its drug-using brother.

Which of the three must-attend music festivals do you most identify with? In case you aren’t sure, we’ve created a flow chart which will leave no doubt in your mind where you belong:

How did it feel to be at Coachella last year? Aero Film blog made a video that tried to capture the feeling. WATCH: