It’s been four days since the Bronx Zoo has misplaced an Egyptian cobra. The zoo said it’s confident the snake is hiding in the reptile house, and not at large in the city. But, a Twitter account would beg to differ. @BronxZoosCobra is having a fine time traveling about the city taking in the sites:

Holding very still in the snake exhibit at the Museum of Natural History. This is gonna be hilarious!less than a minute ago via webBronx Zoo’s Cobra

The @BronxZookeeper also showed up on Twitter following one account: that slippery snake. His tweets are bit more angry than the snakes (last he tweeted, he was as “drunk as a panda” and cursing out someone who left a Madagascar DVD on his doorstep.

The snake, meanwhile, is having a ball of time with the hashtag #snakeonthetown. He’s stopped by the Seinfeld delhi, been invited to visit Bergdorf Goodman, and asked for tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

He also has about five times the followers as the Bronx Zoo Twitter account:

Just me or is every sketch artist displaying the EXACT same sketch of John Lennon & Marilyn Monroe as examples of their work? Seems sketchy.less than a minute ago via webBronx Zoo’s Cobra

Gonna listen to some Jazz tonight. You know I love some great flute work. Do they provide it or is it bring your own basket? #snakeonthetownless than a minute ago via webBronx Zoo’s Cobra

The snake is not the only animal residing on Twitter. If he gets lonely in the city, there’s always the L Train Rat to keep him company:

@dmagoodin things that kill me generally arent my preferred company but i do live with 80000lb trains so prob could hang w/ @BronxZoosCobra!less than a minute ago via webL Train Rat

Do you have a favorite fake Twitter account? Let us know in the comments, which one we should follow.