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In a three and a half minute animated cartoon that features every online behemoth site and every online wannabe, the comedians doing most of the bashing are Google, Twitter, and Foursquare. Audience members like YouTube, Linkedin, and Flickr giggle at the jokes that are meant to point out the failings of Facebook but more often than not go back to how lame MySpace has become.

Pandora Radio, fittingly, is responsible for doing the punchline drumroll “ba-dum-bum-CHING.”

Google, voiced by Penn Jillette of eccentric magician act Penn & Teller, kicks off the roast by making fun of Facebook’s extensive privacy settings:

“Facebook collects so much information he’s going to be on an episode of Hoarders! He stacks up ad keywords like they’re back issues of National Geographic!”

Twitter is surprisingly voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, known for his trademark loud and grating voice. (Remember the parrot Iago in Aladdin and Aflac duck?) Somehow, I always thought Twitter would sound much nicer.

When Twitter takes over the mike, he continues the merciless mocking of Myspace, saying someone should call a janitor to clean up the vomit from a 13 year-old girl — oh sorry, that’s just Myspace.

But Twitter doesn’t let his nemesis Facebook off the hook either, saying he knew “The Social Network” was a lie “because it made Mark Zuckerberg interesting. The Terms of Service could be more a dynamic leader!”

When Foursquare, voiced by Lisa Lampanelli (known as “Comedy’s Lovable Queen of Mean”) gets on stage, she plays on how much hipper Foursquare is than the hasn’t-been-cool-for-years MySpace.

“The only thing more popular than [Facebook’s] like button is the Myspace’s delete account button,” Foursquare jabs. “Thank god for failed musicians!”

The audience is starting to feel pretty bad for Myspace at this point, which is not too different than reality. And then Myspace makes it worse by getting on stage, where it makes a string of failed jokes about Facebook which is met with boos all around.

Finally, MySpace appeals for help from Friendster, who has got a bowtie on and is holding cocktail glases in the aisle. But even Friendster doesn’t want to be associated with MySpace: “Hey, hey, I’m just working tonight man.”

Watch the roast here.

The audience laughs at a joke as Facebook gets roasted. (Screengrab from