The app is a social network based around videos and photographs. But here’s the twist: the photographs can be shared with anyone within 100 yards of you.

The app and all its subsequent buzz shows how important image-based apps are becoming. Facebook knows that its biggest offering is its photo-sharing capabilities. Color seems to bet people want a newsfeed strictly of images.

What no one is talking about (with the exception of the ever astute Awl guys, who just scraped the surface on it), is that this may be the best pick-up app ever.

It sounds like a combination of Instagram and Grindr. Instagram, a photo sharing site, allows you to share images with friends. Grindr, a gay dating site that let’s you see when other Grindr members are at the same location as you. When Grindr came out last year, it was all the rage at big parties to crowd around someone’s cell phone to see who else in the vicinity had a Grindr profile. Color could be the real-time version of Grindr.

Picture it: It’s spring in Central Park and you snap some photos of yourself sunbathing in Sheep’s Meadow. A lad near the fountain catches a glimpse and comments. You can see his photo stream of him rowing on the lake. You comment back. Sure, everyone else within a 100 yards can see the love affair unfolding, but love is in the air!

Or the app derails completely and devolves into creepy Chatroulette type behavior where your stream becomes inundated with photos you really, really wish you did not see.

There’s no way to know if this will catch on with the crowds. Will this reinvent dating? Will this reinvent photo sharing? Or would you rather keep your images to yourself?