A New Yorker profile of British beer heiress and couture-obsessed fashion icon Daphne Guinness this week is full of gems — writer Rebecca Mead at turns calls Guinness a “slightly deranged fairy”, writes that she looks like a “Gainsborough portrait of a lady,” and questions whether she might have “come from a bygone age.”

Daphne Guinness. (Joel Ryan/AP)

“I’ll eat when I’m dead,” she said.

The quote was reminiscent of a comment in 2009 by model Kate Moss, who famously shocked an interviewer by saying her favorite motto was: “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

The issue of eating disorders in the fashion world was revisited last year when French model Isabelle Caro died at the age of 28 weighing just 68 pounds.

In July, British store TopShop used a model so thin many said she looked “ill.”

But Guinness has been unruffled by claims of anorexia. When asked by a stylist at the same photo shoot to wear an enormous metallic collar around her neck, Guinness told a photographer, tellingly: “Uncomfortable is the name of the game.”

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