British Prime Minister David Cameron speaks about phone hacking to Parliament. (Reuters)

Amid heckling and shouts, David Cameron is answering questions at the House of Commons about his role in the phone hacking scandal. As with Tuesday’s questioning of Rupert and James Murdoch, the prime minister is denying any knowledge or wrongdoing, insisting that police be given time to investigate properly. When asked if his friendly relationship with Rebekah Brooks, former editor of the News of the World, was improper, Cameron replied: “I've never held a slumber party or seen her in her pajamas.”

It’s a strange statement to make in a strange saga, which New York Times media reporter David Carr says is only at the beginning.

We won’t be live-blogging the phone hacking scandal today, but we’ll be checking in from time to time for updates. The Guardian and the BBC both have robust live analyses.

Watch the House of Commons debate here:

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