(Kevin Frayer/AP)

From The Washington Post’s Joel Greenberg: “Militants suspected to have crossed from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula attacked a bus, vehicles and Israeli soldiers in southern Israel on Thursday, causing more than two dozen casualties, including fatalities, according to the army and media reports from the scene.”

WORLD: Anna Hazare wins right to fast in public

Supporters of India's most prominent anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare gathered in a show of support near the India Gate memorial in New Delhi, above. Hazare compromised with the government, agreeing to a 15-day fast and public demonstration.

MEDIA: David Letterman targeted by jihadist

A message posted to a jihadist Web site called for David Letterman’s assassination after the television host made jokes about the death of an al-Qaeda lieutenant.

TECH: BART workers’ data exposed by hackers

Hackers released more than 100 names, addresses and passwords of BART employees after recent demonstrations against the transit service in San Francisco. So far, nobody has claimed responsibility for the hack.

SKATE: This: