UPDATE, 12:19 a.m.: The tornado warning for Joplin, Mo., has expired, but there are still severe storm warnings and watches in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas, according to the Weather Channel.

UPDATE, 10:31 p.m.: The Weather Channel is reporting a tornado warning for Joplin, Mo., the site of a deadly Sunday storm.

Earlier: Deadly tornadoes hit Oklahoma City and its suburbs Tuesday evening, killing at least five people and critically injuirng at least three children, according to the Associated Press. High winds also pounded rural Kansas, killing two, and threatened Dallas, forcing everyone at Dallas Love Field to move into a basement.

YouTube user Smarties1676 uploaded footage from a helicopter near Oklahoma City; you can see the size of the storm and some lightning up close:

User wnfun posted a video of what looks like a funnel very close to some houses:

Storms are also threatening Dallas; see what people are tweeting here:

User lrsears posted video of hail falling, though it seems to be nothing compared with photos of hail that users of The Oklahoma’s Web site posted yesterday.

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VIDEO: Another view from a helicopter near Oklahoma City