President Obama meets with House Speaker John Boehner in the Cabinet Room of the White House. (CAROLYN KASTER/ASSOCIATED PRESS)

In the aftermath of the debt ceiling deal, as industries kick lobbying campaigns into high gear to prevent budget cuts, Americans are greeting the deal with chagrin. While the debate still raged, there was anger fomenting online; now that a deal has been reached, a deflated annoyance with Washington has risen to the top.

A YouTube movement captures that irritation by collecting “slow claps for Congress.”

The slow clap was born when Chris Ashworth wrote on Twitter last week, “When the debt deal goes through can we start a meme where we all make videos of ourselves slowly & sarcastically applauding our politicians?”

People decided to. On the site, a note reads: “Dear Congress, For your leadership, your maturity, and your inspiring ability to perform the basic duties of your job, we applaud you.”

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