Coping mechanisms come in all shapes and forms. For some it’s a fully loaded Venti frappacino, for others it’s a Bravo marathon, and still for others it’s a laugh during a tense conversation. Enter the debt ceiling haiku.

On Tuesday the communications director for House Budget Committee Democrats sent out a tweet that seemed to offer some comedic relief about the federal debt ceiling. “Cut, Cap and Balance? / This will never become law / Let’s talk about jobs,” he tweeted. Wexler bookended his prose with the hashtag #debtceilinghaikus.

Cut, Cap and Balance? / This will never become law / Let’s talk about jobs #debtceilinghaikuless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet ReplyNu Wexler

In the wonky Twittersphere in Washington, Wexler’s hashtag gained traction, proving nervous laughter might have a place in the debt ceiling debate.

As the clock ticks and the U.S. moves closer to default day — Aug. 2 is Treasury’s deadline — laugh in the face of economic catastrophe, or laugh in the face of those who believe in economic catastrophe and tweet your own debt ceiling haiku.

YOUR TAKE: Send us your #DebtCeilingHaikus

Tweet Will we default? Will it be as catastrophic as some have warned? Who’s fault is it that we’re here? Take a stab at thse questions or more by writing your own #debtceilinghaikus on Twitter and we’ll post some responses right here.